Please help me set this simple scenario up?

On my site I sell educational DVDs. We like to offer free “test drive” full length video lessons so the potential customer can get an idea of the product before they buy it. I will have a single page where

visitors (I guess “strangers”?) can view 3 videos embedded on that page. For each of these videos, there will be an accompanying PDF available to download . However, I want those PDF files on that page to NOT be available to strangers, i.e. people who aren’t registered. In other words, I would like the unregistered visitor to be able to view the videos (flash videos embedded on the page), but NOT have access to download the PDF files. In order to download these PDF files, they should register at a free access level.

Next, I would like to offer an access level called paid wherein if they like the three free video lessons, then if they pay a ONE TIME FEE (not a recurring subscription), then they can have access to a category with x number of posts in it to watch the videos and download PDFs in those posts.

Prior to purchasing, Sales and support dude David told me I could accomplish this easily using short codes. But there’s so many settings that I’m pretty confused. I can follow instructions if I can get a little guidance on how to set this up. I think this plugin is overkill for what I need to do as I really only want to protect this one little section of my site, but if it’s overkill, then it should also be able to do the job.

I also want to ask if it’s possible with this plugin to have users edit their profiles via the front end? I hate the idea of users going to the backend admin to update an email address, etc. I found a plugin for this that works, but now that I have the membership plugin, I don’t know if I can/should use the other one…