Please help me understand this plugin and how my users can safely use it

Hello everyone,

I have a few questions and concerns about this plugin, and the potential for abuse by my users. I’ll be succinct, and just list them one at a time.

@: Within the Settings menu & Outgoing Email tab, you’ll see ‘for SMTP method – in “From email” you should use only emails which related with your SMTP server!’

#: This confuses me, why must the from address match emails related to my SMTP server? How would I check this? How would I add emails to be SMTP server?

#: I do not know much about mail servers. I use postfix on an apache server. I installed it within a few brief minutes with the aid of a tutorial and haven’t customized it beyond that.

#: I would like my users to be able to enter “”, “” (This is likely incorrect), “”, or name@[gmail/yahoo/hotmail].com.

@I’ve hidden the Outgoing Email tab to prevent potential abuse of the cron settings. Only super-admins can see it now. With the blog-template plugin, the settings under this tab would be the same for all.

#For the “SMTP Outgoing Server” field, would there be any negatives if all sites on my network used the same smtp address? (e.g.

@The bounce email and uninstall tab have been hidden as well.

#Like my previous question, are there any negatives for all sites within my network to use the same email address and pop3 host?

#I’m minimizing the potential for users to destroy their own site. Is there a reason why users should be able to uninstall eNewsletters?

@Preventing abuse and informing my users of good email-marketing practices is important to me. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to monitor the activities of my users through the plugin.

#If users were to earn themselves a place in their recipient’s spam box by misusing the plugin, would my smtp server be blacklisted?

Thanks in advance for all your help.