PLEASE HELP!!! Not Activating Members, Membership Plugin

Hello everyone at wmudev, I really need urgent help!!

I am using the Premium Membership plugin from your site here, and I have gone through all the setup steps for it, and created access levels and subscriptions set up payment gateways and restricted content and all that.

Our Site –

But it is not activating members accounts or assigning them to a subscription when they pay.

Right now members go to our site as non-members,

then they go to the join page with the [subscriptions] shortcode and click on which membership they want,

then they are redirected to the register page where they create an account,

then they are redirected back to the join page to pay for their subscription and after they pay they are directed to the payment successful page we created, but it is not activating their accounts or assigning them to a subscription even after they choose one and pay.

If you go to the site right now

You will not see the membership, because we have disabled it until we can fix this.

We are trying to get the membership working ASAP…

We can give back end details if needed if someone wants to check our settings.

We are Using:

WordPress Multi-site v3.3.2 (Latest Version)

Buddypress (Latest Version)

and a whole heap of other plugins.