Please help on registration form issue

at I have membership setup underway. However, the protected content function is the only thing barring access, so I set it to the registration page. The shortcode in that page pulls up a very….unsightly registration form. Nothing like in the pdf I downloaded. Also, I can’t figure out how people login. Like I said, the example is nothing like this. Please take a look and tell me this is not supposed to be what is there

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    I’m trying to create the kind of signup experience I had when joining wpmu dev but I can’t seem to get anywhere close. I did find the login or signup pop up behind that very bad form, I didn’t create. It came with the plugin as shortcode and I can’t see how to modify it. I guess the style sheet is where but not well versed on that.

    I want people to get a pop up to create a free account like wpmu dev does. Then handle it the way you guys do. I’m afraid I won’t get far without some intervention or further direction.

    There’s not much in that walkthrough pdf about actually using and modifying the users flow experience. I’ll look at the plugin, but I thought membership overrides or takes over the signup and login process of wordpress, using it’s own forms instead of the standard wp-login etc.

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    I may be getting in deeper, but I activated the membership on my main site as well as my sub site, where I want to protect the content.

    I did this so I could have the sign up on my main site.

    Then I installed the user sync plug in so they would be users across both the main site and the sub directory installation

    Membership still does not recognize that my test login is an authorized user to view the protected content

    Again. I want to recreate the situation as with signing up with wpmu dev.

    I find it very frustrating that instructions are not given as to how to have that very nice signup procedure and the look and feel of it.

    I now realize several plugins are being used. for facebook and google login icons, the pop up sign up, I see, but only after choosing a subscription.

    Then, I still get the subscriptions box again after signing up. I don’t get my site home screen. Even when I use the welcome page designation and set it to a home page, it’s not my “home” page and there’s no way to change that to direct to my actual url of the /members url

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    I decided to enable global tables and put memberships on my main site, adding the subdirectory to the protected URL groups.

    I did the same with my protected forum.

    which I used simple press instead of bbpress.

    Not sure that was a good move. It seems to have made my site lag a bit.

    Now I’m going to add affiliates plugin and see how that changes the whole endeavor.

    My topic on this thread was related to the signup procedure.

    I still don’t have answers on some of it.

    But, I disabled the pop up registration, which was not acting nice.

    Then I customized the admin tool bar so it shows the members only link. Still messing with that. I hear the changes I make to functions.php will be wiped out when I update wp. :slight_frown:

    I thought it would be nice if you could choose where you were taken after signup, instead of just a page, but perhaps a different URL, such as my members only material. The members subdirectory is not showing as a choice because it’s a different installed theme on my multisite, and for some reason membership doesn’t pick it up as a choice.

    Since then, I added content to the welcome screen and used it to fix the issue. Sort of a welcome video area and basic tips on using the site.

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