Please help with regards to layout edit of categories

The sites layout changed suddenly for all pages, they had addition leafs added and the columns were aligned incorrectly. So the site was a complete mess. I could realign using the Headway visual editor for all pages other than the ones (I think categories) under the left hand menu item 'Shop Online'.

Can you please advise how I might fix there layout??

thanks very much

  • Alexander

    HI @Duncan,

    I tried pulling up that site and it wouldn't load. Maybe your host is down?

    A couple of thoughts on the issue: This could be the case that some CSS isn't loading. Maybe one of the stylesheets is missing. This can often be the cause of sudden layout issues.

    Are you using any cacheing plugins? If so, try disabling them temporarily.

    Otherwise, is there anything else that changed that you can think of? If you installed any new plugins, perhaps one is conflicting with your site. Temporarily deactivating your plugins can help narrow down if this is an issue.

    Let me know what you find out.

    Best regards,

  • Duncan

    Hi Alexander,

    Thanks for your suggestions. I've only recently been asked to take over the site and to upgrade and fix an issue with the cart. Unfortunately I have no idea what changed, but I certainly didn't change anything at all, I've been tinkering with an offline version.

    So then all the pages were out of alignment and I managed to fix them all other than the ones which run down the far left 'Shop Online' menu. On these category? pages the right hand column is aligned to far to the left that it blocks out part of the right hand items in the grid view.

    This alignment was easily fixed in the Headway visual editor apart from those pages I've mentioned. It may well be a plugin but I don't think so because the plugins haven't appeared to have changed.

    I guess I'm so new to WP that I'm not sure how to discern those pages which are not 'pages' but categories, and therefore how to deal with them or as you suggest perhaps their CSS code.


  • Alexander

    Hi @Duncan,

    I see the page loads now. I fear this might not be a simple CSS fix, but try adding this:

    #grid_view_products_page_container, #content #grid_view_products_page_container, #content #list_view_products_page_container {
    .product_grid_display .product_grid_item {
    margin: 15px;}

    This should help with some of the alignment. The problem is, because of the headway theme builder elements, much of your site's width, margin, and padding doesn't quite add up. By adding more elements, you're getting close, but only "eyeball" close - and the layouts you're modifying are affecting the rest of the site.

    For example, your banner images for "Anniversary" and "Fresh Flowers" are different sizes and shapes, so it won't be able to line up perfectly on both pages.

    Let me know how the CSS goes, and we'll go from there.

    Best regards,

  • Duncan

    Hi Alexander,
    Great thanks so much for your advice and for pointing out the banner images being different sizes etc.

    I managed to fix the misalignment through the Headway visual editor.

    I'm also working on an offline upgrade of the site, it's wordpress is a bit old, the shopping cart keeps previous peoples details in it which is the worst problem so I'll probably get the different shapes and sizes later.

    thanks again

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