Please hold a member-supported bug round-up


First, let me say that the plugins here are very useful and that I understand it’s hard to keep up with issues on 100+ plugins. It’s clear that a great deal of effort goes in.

But something keeps coming up…

I just installed another plugin and found a major (ie, user-facing) bug within a few minutes. I didn’t check, but I think the majority of my posts have been to report bugs in various WPMU plugins as I test them. It’s hard to think I’m the only one who notices. Then again, unless it’s a completely catastrophic bug that brings your site down, there’s really no incentive to report them other than you might get a Hero Point now and again. My initial thought is always to report issues and, while I did end up reporting it, I did find myself pausing before doing so.

I was getting Hero Points for bug reports and the like, but that fizzled out within a couple of weeks. Perhaps that’s a hint that I post too many bug reports. Still, it takes time to post them, define the steps to recreate, come up with patches, and to follow up on the threads trying the fixes, so a few HP every time isn’t unreasonable.

Have you considered holding a member-supported bug round-up, awarding HP for reports, more HP for fixes? This would provide incentive for everyone to report bugs, rather than just live with them, and would make your products better. Or, at least, maybe create a consistent way to incentivize bug reporting and follow up activities?

Thanks for considering.