please I bought, installed and configured the Membership


please I bought, installed and configured the Membership plugin on a sandbox site, I tested it and everything has been working pretty much as expected so far.

I read the membership plugin manual pdf, plus watched the video tutorials. However, I cannot find instructions about how to display memebers’ login page so they can log in.

I looked in your site forums, and found out someone talkin about the membership widgets (“level text” and “subscription text”, which unfortunately are not mentioned anywhere in the tutorials or manual, at least I didn’t see them). I tried to use these widgets, but they’won’t display in my sidebar. Someone in a post in the forum talked about adding some string to the function.php file, but honestly I do not want to mess with my files code before knowing what is the standard procedure to use these membership widgets.

Please help: I need to know how to configure these widgets, I want my members to be able to easily find a place where they can login; where they can see if they’re logged in or not; etc. etc.

Finally, I’d like to suggest you to include all these information in the manual or tutorials: I believe it’d be a nice completion of your wonderful work!

Thanks for your time!

Kind regards

Letizia Farisato