Please let Hummingbird detect jquery.min.js, so I can get it below the fold


Only when activating the plugin Falcon, Google Page Speed shows this line above the fold:

Normally I would go to the Minify section in Hummingbird and put the culprit in the footer. For some reason, it's not detected.

Please help us in getting it below the fold, so our Google Page Speed score will be in the green again.

Ps. I've also contacted the plugin maker, but the last support ticket they responded to was weeks ago. Because I somehow convinced myself this is something Hummingbird should be able to detect, I turn to you. Hope that's ok.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Verdi,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I checked the Falcon plugin and I must say I"m quite confused here.

    In my opinion the fact that Hummingbird doesn't detect (or rather doesn't include in a list because it can't do anything about it) the library is most likely caused by the way it's loaded: it comes from external source and is loaded in a way significantly different to a standard one.

    I'm not quite sure though whether this is indeed caused by Falcon plugin, though it may be interfering. I reviewed the plugin code but to be honest I don't see where it could load an external jquery.min.js library and apart from disabling emojis and "self pings" I can't see anything particularly useful there at all.

    Don't get me wrong please! I'm absolutely not saying that the plugin is "wrong" but I'm not sure whether it can give much of performance improvement to the site.

    Getting back to the issue though. I understand that you're sure that it's only with "Falcon" plugin enabled, right? I would however like to ask you to perform a full theme/plugin conflict test anyway.

    The procedure is described here but please modify it slightly: after each step make sure that Hummingbird's minification is enabled and set as you want it to and then check site with Page Speed (please note that Page Speed does cache results for 30 seconds so it has to take at least 30 seconds break between PageSpeed tests.

    Let me know please about test results and depending on it I'll continue troubleshooting this.

    Best regards,

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