Please let me chose box size according to each product.

You guys are talented coders but I don’t think you’ve ever actually SOLD and SHIPPED anything using your own store’s USPS Calculated shipping.

Choosing which box size to use according to weight is quite possibly the WORST way of calculating shipping costs. You just made your USPS shipping module useless.

This one feature is basically holding me back and keeping me with eBay (who does calculated shipping and rules VERY well).

Let Me Explain:

There are a lot of products that are large but light weight (like the giant calendars that I’m selling and need to be shipped flat) and lots of products that are small but heavy (my other productsl). Your USPS module doesn’t make any sense by associating box size with weight. It doesn’t work like that.

I should be able to specify a box size for EACH product.

  • Anonymous
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    I make $5 profit on my item. Being just 1 lb off or 10 inches off on calculations when shipping to California will cost me $2 out of my profit. Over time I’m losing $hundreds because of inaccurate shipping. The box for each item weighs 1LB+ as well.

    So I sell large items that are lite in weight, and small items that are heavy in weight. Your shipping module thinks I can put a 17×26 calendar in a small box (undercharge) and a bunch of heavier magnet pens in a giant box (overcharging).

    In real world usage. Bulky items fluctuate MASSIVELY depending on where you ship them to. Being over a certain girth adds costs as well.

    You can’t just add an extra price for bulky items because for me, shipping to Chicago is $4 cheaper than shipping to California. Am I suppose to over charge one group of customers because my store can’t calculate shipping accurately?

    Your shipping is set up to handle a t-shirt shop, but not all of us are shipping cheap t-shirts in a box. We’ve got a wide variety of products

  • Anonymous
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    Nevermind I moved back to WP E-commerce.

    You guys have a really nice store system, I love the checkout, the integrated stripe and usps options. I just wish it had Paypal Payments Standard.

    But its not set up to sell diverse physical products.The shipping option is keeping me from recommending you.

  • Biz2Web
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    Ik do agree unfortunately. The weight rate is not covering up how it works in practice.

    I’m having the same issue.

    I would advise you guys to listen to your customers who bump into the practical issues in real life.

    What I also miss very much is the possibility to choose for pick-up in the end, so there will be no charging for delivery costs.

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