Please make it easier to copy a page and move it in scribe

Please make it easier to copy a page to a new in the
Scribe template or any upfront template for that matter. I spent hours designing a test page to be later placed on the home page (.index.html) and now I have no idea how to move it there. I never had this kind of a problem when simply copying content to where I want it. WPMU has a lot of useful tools, but it seems if there's a way they'll make things more difficult for people, they'll find a way to do it.

  • Jude

    Hi again @JulieAnne

    Ouch .. you should have directly edited the home page template. That being said we are working on our super secret builder project for upfront. This will let you create your own templates and themes from scratch.

    Also thanks for the feedback, although not very flattering, it is constructive. We know you are taking a lot of efforts in getting this working smooth and not finding it pleasant. We will improve in these areas in our upcoming releases.


  • JulieAnne

    Sorry I get so frustrated sometimes. Someone on another thread (not a feedback thread) that I just go to settings and then to readings and set whatever static page I want on the home page. That did work. Easy enough. I was just sad to find out that we couldn't just easily move pages from one place in our directory to another. Especially if we're testing something and don't want to add it to our home page right away. I'm speaking of existing sites.

    I'm looking forward to some Upfront changes. I know. It's a new program. It's all good and I figured it out -- resolved. :slight_smile: Thanks and forgive me as well for my acting out in frustration again.

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