Please make Manage Affiliates page more user friendly

Hi guys,
As per @PC I am making a request to have a slight modification made to the Manage Affiliates page.

In this thread I said:
"Seems a bit redundant to have to hit search to see all Affiliates listed... can this be changed in an update to show all like in the User's panel???

I spent hours trying to everything I could to make it work, and all it was was to click the Search button! Hmmm..."

Would really love this and perhaps more features accessible from this page for bulk editing, for those who have many affiliates.

Thanks a million for consideration.


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    thanks for the feedback & request, I will add this officially to the feature requests for the developers to assess. hopefully they will look into improving the User experience surrounding the plugin, i know many of the plugins are going through a rewrite phase amongst other improvements, so hopefully it will be sooner than later.

    thanks again & for being a member of wpmudev.

  • TiffanyL
    • Flash Drive

    Hey Guys,
    A little more feedback from my client about the Manage Affiliate page. It is definitely a request to make more user friendly.

    Request ideas from them about what they'd like to see are:

    1. More details shown on the Main page next to their Username (like the Users main page) - showing First name, Last name, approval status, and maybe an icon or something beside the names of those not yet approved.

    2. As above in prior comment - Would like the names visible on accessing page without having to click Search Button first.

    3. Filter function like on Users Main Page

    4. Ability to list alphabetically as default

    Reason for this is once over 100 affiliates it gets tough to manage them one by one.

    Thanks guys heaps for the input.
    Love ya work.

  • TiffanyL
    • Flash Drive

    More ideas to integrate:

    5. Ability to set different percentage levels for individual affiliates OR

    6. The ability to set parameters like 'if affiliate reaches $500 sales increase percentage to this value' and 'if affiliate reaches this value of sales increase to this percentage'.

    7. Add bulk edit to manage affiliate page.

    Thank you everyone for help and contributions... without all the ideas we would not be building the best plugins ever made :wink:

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