Please Please Please Set-Up a Bug Traq!!!

I've been working with WPMUDev plugins for 6 months-ish now and I understand the difficulties of managing lots of different code bases but you REALLY need to change the way you handle bug tracking.

The way it works now is if I find a bug I post to the forums. First line responder confirms the bug and then passes it on to developers.

What happens a lot of the time is the firstline responder sometimes doesn't understand the issue and then never comes back to the thread. There are often multiple threads with the same issue and different messages being given on each thread.

The system as it is right now discourages community bug fixes and is leading to a lot of frustration and unecessary work on both sides.

I contribute code to a few different projects and it all works roughly the same way.

1. Bug is identified and ticket opened.
2. Administrator will either accept or reject the ticket.
3. Accepted tickets are marked as open and people can suggest ways to fix it and paste pull requests (this is not support forum, discussion is on point for specific bug)
4. Core-developers/project-lead then decide how to handle the bug. They can then attach an official patch and select a milestone that the patch will be merged to release.

Apart from being efficient is has one massive benefit. Every time the bug traq issue is updated or has it's status changed, everyone following the ticket gets an update. Because all bugs are in one place there do not get duplicated in multiple threads. This means that if I made my own patch but then developers release a different one I get notified ahead of release and can use their patch instead so it's easier to manage and I don't have to treat every update from WPMU as hostile.

There are lots of developers in this community that I am sure would be happy to submit bug fixes. It is totally ridiculous that your only response to the horde of PHP notices your plugins generate is "to fix that disable notices". C'mon.. really? The majority of these notices are super easy to fix but it's pointless submitting the code change to the forum. There will be a standard "thank you we have notified the developer" response but then no follow up and it often feels like an empty platitude and a waste of time.

Your forums are super busy with general support chat. You really need to separate specific bugs into a separate system.

Is there any reason not to do this?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Mike,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your suggestions!

    I'm not able to give you any conclusive answer to this but as far as I'm aware some improvements related to "bug info flow" are indeed planned. I can assure you that even the "light" errors are always either passed to the developers or discussed on our internal chats so nothing gets ignored even if it's not directly/"officially" reported.

    I really appreciate your suggestions though as you've made some accurate points here. Thanks for these ideas!

    Kind regards,

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