PLEASE react shortly as we strongly believe we probably...

Valued Support Team,

actually we experience lots of various troubles within our entire wp application. Fact is too...

we activated Marketpress on Network Level which needs an update of the database to work correctly.

Now, regards Marketpress we actually can't do an update. Well, the update initiate the task but then its... ???

Of course the warning says 'it might take a long time until the update is done' BUT

- frankly we only have less then 25 product items (just a few for installing/settings purposes).

- we kept the window open in total for 5 hours and 23 minutes with result the update isn't progressing at all.

- that can't be right. Please view attached screenshot to clarify

Now, we strongly believe if you could fix this issue shortly we may have probably solved all other troubles too because MarketPress is involved in all those plugin features we are experiencing hassles.

Looking forward to your response.
Upfront truly BIG Thanks for helping and acting fast.


BTW support access is granted

  • Klaus
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hello Tyler,

    how are you? Thanks for looking at this issue. Just tried marketpress functionality but, unfortunately it still does not work.

    See yourself... attached screenshot. Believe that the white screen we have is a result out of not being able to update database.

    We appreciate soooooooooooo much your kindness, looking at it once again.
    Bye for now.

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Prinz,

    The reason that page was blank is because there was no gateways selected in the network admin settings. When Global cart is active, then the only gateway allowed is PayPal Express Checkout. So I've selected that for you :slight_smile: now you will see there is a box to input the stores PayPal email address in the payment settings.

    Hope that helps! Any further questions just let us know.


  • Klaus
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hello Tyler,

    indeed this - your - supporting hand plus explanation what caused the troubles solved the empty payment screen... enabled us now to update ALL subsites MarketPress databases...


    a whole bunch of other most annoying draw backs and hassles with many other wpmu dev plugins involving MarketPress.

    I personally - we the entire BotBO team - can't thank you enough for your great help. Perhaps some point dedicated to you will in addition to our verbal THANK YOU a bit demonstrate our sincere gratitude for all.

    Kind regards,

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