PLEASE react shortly as we strongly believe we probably...

Valued Support Team,

actually we experience lots of various troubles within our entire wp application. Fact is too...

we activated Marketpress on Network Level which needs an update of the database to work correctly.

Now, regards Marketpress we actually can't do an update. Well, the update initiate the task but then its... ???

Of course the warning says 'it might take a long time until the update is done' BUT

- frankly we only have less then 25 product items (just a few for installing/settings purposes).

- we kept the window open in total for 5 hours and 23 minutes with result the update isn't progressing at all.

- that can't be right. Please view attached screenshot to clarify

Now, we strongly believe if you could fix this issue shortly we may have probably solved all other troubles too because MarketPress is involved in all those plugin features we are experiencing hassles.

Looking forward to your response.
Upfront truly BIG Thanks for helping and acting fast.


BTW support access is granted