Please recommend a suitable plugin


I am running Gabfire Newspro theme and have AWPCP Classified and Mingle Forum installed. They are running fine (see here: )

However, I need additional features and would appreciate some recommendations on what plugin(s) to use for:

1) A Product Highlights gallery/showcase where registered users can upload their own products for showcasing (I did try WP Classified and Next Gen but they have no front-end user access and I don't want them to come to my Admin panel). Presently, I am just using a table and manually uploading these featured products (see ) but I want registered users to do this themselves.

2) A Deals section where the same users can upload their promotional offers for the current month and for the following month (I guess this can be the same plugin as that to be used for Product Highlights is there a plugin which will allow a double install and some modification to look & feel?)

I have gone through your list of galleries and classified plugins but it seems that most of them do not allow for user access from the front. The plugin(s) should:

1. Allow users to register
2. Allow users to access from the front of the site after logging in
3. Upload product pictures and text describing the product or promotion
4. Have a nice "look & feel" and not styled in standard classified layout
5. The usual posting features (duration, no of pix, etc)

I do not intend to charge users for these services but if the plugin(s) comes with an optional payment feature (or module), that would be wonderful if I need to use it later.

Any chance there is such a plugin?

Thanks for your help.