Please Resurrect Supporter Widgets for Pro Sites

With the upgrade to Pro Sites we have lost the option for showing recent or random "Supporter" blogs in a widget throughout the network's primary site. Pro Site users also no longer have the ability to display a widget on their site showing their support of the community.

Please consider adding two widgets to the Pro Sites plugin similar to:
- widget-supporter
- widget-supporter-badge

I understand this can get complicated considering the multiple subscription levels available in Pro Sites. So perhaps an interim fix is required.
1. Edit install instructions to clearly state these features are no longer available.
2. Provide a new version of the Supporter Badge widget that will keep the badge from disappearing from any existing Supporter sites which currently show it, if Pro Sites is installed.
3. Edit the Supporters widget so it continues to show any level of Pro Site.

Just a thought... Thanks for the consideration, as we will unfortunately not be upgrading from Supporter to Pro Sites on our live networks until these issues are addressed.

I originally discussed this here and have been asked to create a new feature request topic.