please someone

please someone contact me i was just trying to go back to original smush instead of pro but had to pay to ask for help

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello J.P,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Reverting to the free version of Smush does not require any payments. A WPMU DEV Membership however is required to post on this support forum. If you need any help with our free plugins you may always ask at the support forum for a given plugin regardless whether you do keep an active WPMU DEV membership or not. You'll find a list of all our free plugins here:

    As for reverting to free version of Smush. The plugin should revert to the free version if there's no WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin active on site and an update is performed however the simplest way is to:

    - go to the "Plugins -> All plugins" page and disable and delete WP Smush
    - disable the "WPMU DEV Dashboard" plugin
    - re-install WP Smush from here:

    Kind regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello J.P.!

    Im trying all the features out anyways but now have questions concerning your built in CDN in the hummingbird plugin.... can it replace another CDN or should it work in conjunction with someone like cloudflare?

    The CDN that's built-in into the Hummingbird plugin doesn't replace regular CDNs and should/may be used along it. It's only purpose is to store and server the resources that are minimized with Hummingbird. It puts them to our cloud and serves them to the end user from the most relevant location using CDN.

    A good solution is to implement a CloudFlare CDN as well to handle entire site in addition to that. CloudFlare integrates nicely with Hummingbird.

    also im guessing it takes a while to start functioning well after turning it on since my page loads reeeeeaaalllly slow now lol

    It shouldn't take time and changes should be immediate. It's a bit difficult though to guess why the site got slow as there may be a number of different reasons for this. As for minification - that often requires precise "fine tuning" and not necessarily all the files should be minimized/combined. There is however no "universal rule" on this as each and every WP setup is different.

    I can see that you granted a support access to your site so I took a liberty of visiting it. I can see that there are about 16 plugins active currently and it's not that much but some of them are quite "heavy" in terms of resource usage. What I would recommend as first steps would be:

    1. raising WordPress memory limit

    Currently it is set to 40M only and that's all that WordPress is allowed to use. That is way to little with plugins and theme like those that used on your site. To raise that limit, add the following line the the "wp-config.php" file of your WordPress setup:

    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M');

    Make sure that this line is added to above the "/* That's all, stop editing... */ line, please!

    2. Upgrade PHP

    The site is currently running on PHP which is quite an outdated version in terms of both performance and security. You should be able to switch the PHP version from your cPanel so I suggest changing it to 7.0.x version for now.

    Best regards,

  • Dimitris

    even with all choices bypassed it displays text only .... ?

    This could be a matter of browser cache. Have you tried to clear your browser cache and reload your homepage? Here you can find how to do so in all major browsers

    what do you recommend for caching?

    WP Super Cache
    is a famous and well-crafted plugin.

    Could not find reverse address for (
    PTR record(s) for the address could not be found in the .arpa-zone. ( for IPv6 addresses and for IPv4).
    ever seen this? or similar ? ip pings at cloudflare and i moved away from them a week ago

    Could you please elaborate a bit more on this? Where do you see this error message?
    As long as you moved away from Cloudflare, you shouldn't be using its nameservers, have you changed those? Please advise!

    Warm regards,

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