Please supply a synopsis of the plugins/tools that I would need for this project.


I have a project which I'm struggling with. The only reason for the struggle is the large amounts of research that I need to do in order to get it completed.

With that in mind, I thought that it would be easier if I were to describe the project for you to see if you have any suggestions for plugins or tools to complete the job.

Here's the project requirements so far:


I have some friends who I want to give blogs to for free.

I want to offer a place to marketers to start their blogs on my network with a low upfront cost

I want to offer a supporting community along with this,

I want to be able to offer premium plugins and themes for a fee.

I want to be able to have hidden premium content which is unlocked via micro-payments

I want to be able to scale it up as it gets busier.

I'm still very much developing my ideas as I go along and as i come across new tools which suddenly give me more features that I might use to make my site a success.

Your help is appreciated.