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I have deactivated all plugins and changed the theme to a default one and am still having the same issue. Hustle is not working.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Ashley

    I hope you're well today!

    I have checked the site and while there are some JS errors in the console triggered by The Grid plugin, they doesn't seem to be causing the issue. However, it seems that there's some "heavy caching" on site and that might be affecting that (both - the issue itself and/or aforementioned JS errors) as well.

    The StackCache, I belive, is coming from your host, is that right? Is there a way to disable it completely (at least temporarily) - I don't mean disabling the plugin but disabling that cache on server side? If yes, could you do it?

    Also, as I read your chat I understood that this is a live site that you'd rather avoid "switching off/breaking" even temporarily during testing. That said, would you be able to create a staging site (that should be an exact copy of the current site, in some subdomain or subfolder on the same server) that we could use for investigation?

    That would let us safely test everything without affecting a live site and once we got a solution for this, we could then just apply it to a live site.

    Let me know please if that would be possible and if so, I'll tell you how to provide me with full access credentials to such site in a secure way, so we could solve the issue.

    Kind regards,

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