Pluggin installation

I am new here but not new to WP or WPMU though I have not used it for over a year. But I am not a programmer.

I have some problem with WPMU DEV installation. My question is:

How do you know where to upload the respective php files and folders into WP or WPMU when there is NO INSTALL.txt or README in the package you download?

I already asked this before, and the advice was to :
1) go read installation page on the pluggin download page.
I already did - the problem is: the installation steps are general. it says, where to create mu-pluggin directory, followed by how to use ftp to upload, and then follow instructions from INSTALL.txt or README. (NOTE THAT THE PLUGGIN I DOWNLOAD DO NOT HAVE INSTALL.txt or README)
After that the instruction went on to talk about the various features of the pluggin and how to activate or use them.
So - how do I install that pluggin? (example: membership1.04)

2) Use live support/chat
I joined WPMU DEV knowing fully I am unlikely to be able to use this feature as I am located on the opposite end of the globe. Looking at the times only confirmed what I already knew - though I did check a few times but chatroom is inactive.

3) Use forum
So here I am.

Please forgive me - I am never good with forums, preferring private emailing, as I am very prone to asking really silly questions esp where software is concerned.

Thank you.

  • Mason

    Hiya tukkae,

    Welcome to WPMU DEV and sincerely, thanks for posting! :smiley:

    1. If there is any plugin you'd like some specific help with we're happy to provide answers. We're working on updating quite a bit of our documentation to provide clear instructions for each plugin. If you'll tell us which plugin you're working with right now, we'll gladly help ya in this case.

    We're moving away form the install.txt files and want to provide all the best instructions through our pages and manuals here on the site. Again, let us know which plugin you're looking at and we'll be glad to assist.

    2. Sorry there are no times that fit your schedule. We do our best to provide times that work for as many folks as possible and hope to even do better with this in the future by providing more times!

    3. Again, welcome! :smiley:

    Let us know which plugin in this particular case (and even how you're hoping to use it - multisite, regular wordpress, buddypress, etc) and we'll get ya up and running.


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