Pluggin installation


I am new here but not new to WP or WPMU though I have not used it for over a year. But I am not a programmer.

I have some problem with WPMU DEV installation. My question is:

How do you know where to upload the respective php files and folders into WP or WPMU when there is NO INSTALL.txt or README in the package you download?

I already asked this before, and the advice was to :

1) go read installation page on the pluggin download page.

I already did – the problem is: the installation steps are general. it says, where to create mu-pluggin directory, followed by how to use ftp to upload, and then follow instructions from INSTALL.txt or README. (NOTE THAT THE PLUGGIN I DOWNLOAD DO NOT HAVE INSTALL.txt or README)

After that the instruction went on to talk about the various features of the pluggin and how to activate or use them.

So – how do I install that pluggin? (example: membership1.04)

2) Use live support/chat

I joined WPMU DEV knowing fully I am unlikely to be able to use this feature as I am located on the opposite end of the globe. Looking at the times only confirmed what I already knew – though I did check a few times but chatroom is inactive.

3) Use forum

So here I am.

Please forgive me – I am never good with forums, preferring private emailing, as I am very prone to asking really silly questions esp where software is concerned.

Thank you.