Plugin Activation Error with WPMU 2.8.4a & latest Multi-DB

I updated my wpmu site earlier this week and the upgrade went ‘seemingly’ smooth. I updated from about 2.3 to 2.8, so I had to update a lot of my plugins, and the multi-db script.

All of the blogs on my site are appearing correctly, and members are making posts, comments, etc..

The problem is that I started getting reports about plugin problems from members. It seemed strange because I tested the plugins from the ‘main blog’ admin account, and they all activated fine. However, when I login as another account now, ‘none’ of the plugins will activate.

I’m getting strange things in my apache error log telling me that the each plugin ‘when activated’ is trying to put things in a ‘d4’ database. The blog id that I’m trying to activate plugins for is 2, and i’m using 256 tables, so it should be attempting an install at ‘c8’. I read in another post that someone had a similar problem but with the ‘d’ database. Presumably, they were using a 16 db setup vs. my 256.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. As I mentioned my blogs all work now (posts, comments, etc.), it’s just plugins that won’t activate for blog owners other than admin. (none of them!). Some of the plugins I tried (wp-polls, wp-contact, wp-slimstat-ex, adsense sitewide – latest versions). They installed for me as admin in blog 1, but not for any users.