Plugin Activation: Network Vs. Single Site

Ok - so I've created my new site - used the default BP Theme - added a few plugins (including all the basic BuddyPress ones) and now I'm ready to start turning them on. Activated the Network - everything works (except that plugin manager that keeps reporting errors whenever someone makes a new blog) - so all in all - life is good.

The problem is - without the plugin manager functioning properly - the network is far too extensible for my members. I don't want ANY of my members to be able to activate their own network, nor do I want them to be able to create a buddypress site of their own within my network.

Is it not possible to have a simple switch somewhere that allows me to install plugins on the main site, which are exclusively available to the main site itself, without the risk of member sites seeing and activating them as well? Its almost like MU was created backward in this regard. It makes far more sense to me, that all plugins should be "added new" on the main site instead of the network. Then - simply selecting which ones are available for network member sites from there?

I don't know if that makes any sense - or if I'm simply missing something somewhere - but I really could use some insight/feedback on this so I can truly understand why it is implemented the way it is. Its frustrating to no end.