Plugin Beta: Snapshot 2.0

Announcing Snapshot 2.0 Beta-1 release

New features in Snapshot 2.0

* Support for files. As many users are aware the current version of Snapshot only handled database tables. You can now include file with your site snapshots. This is currently limited to the media file (uploads) on Multisite. Support for Themes and Plugins is supported on the Primary site or single WordPress installs. This is on purpose to prevent multiple sites from archiving some theme or plugin causing duplicate copies and disk space used. As part of the Files support you can also define patterns for filename to exclude from the snapshot archived.

* Support for remote destinations. As discussed in this Community section many user have requested support for sending the snapshot files to remote destinations like some FTP site or Dropbox or Amazon S3. Well not you can do this with Snapshot 2.0. One note the Dropbox API keys are temporary. With the final release this will be updated.

* Also with destinations you can write your own. If you are familiar with our MarketPress eCommerce plugin the Snapshot destination with similar to the MarketPress Gateways and Shipping modules. More details on that wen we get closer to the release.

* Custom destination folders. The current version of Snapshot stores all archive into a single folder within the snapshot archive tree. This is fine for a single WordPress install or a small Multisite install. But when you have a medium to large network with close to a hundred sites having all the file in one folder can be an issue. Now you can using dynamic path token to create folders with the site URL for example. Look for this on the Add/Edit Snapshot form.

* Similar to Custom destination folders you can also use these same token patterns on remote destinations. As part of the Destination definition you will define an optional directory. Any Snapshot instance using that Destination also has the ability to override or supplement the Destination directory.

* The main Snapshot listing table has been recoded to use the standard WordPress table system like you see on Posts and Pages. This allows for paging and filtering. Also the archived associated with a specific snapshot definition are now showing in a similar WordPress table structure. Again with paging.

* The snapshot logging system has been reworked into a standard light box interface. You can also download the log files.

* You can now edit an existing Snapshot definition. In the current version the editable element were limited. Now you can fully edit the selected tables, files, destination, schedule. The only attribute you are not allowed to edit is the site.

Many many more features have been added to tweaked.

As this is a beta please DO NOT use on a production system. My purpose for posting here is to get some real world review of the plugin on various combinations of server systems. I'm very interested to get some user of our Multi-DB plugin to give it a run.