Plugin – Buddypress Activity Plus – Question

Hello WPMUDEV!!!

I am all excited about your new plugin released for Buddypress – BP Activity Plus! This is almost exactly what I have been looking for. This plugin provides a much needed improvement for ease of use and socialization/sharing within buddypress. It also allows educational institutions to almost create an open source version of the site.

My Question

Is there anyway you will be releasing a version of Buddypress Activity Plus that will include document uploading such as PDF, DOC, DocX, etc.

Or could you tell me how to modify the plugin to add a more robust file uploader? Is it as simple as modifying and adding extensions? I tried looking through the code and saw a few places where it limited file uploads to jpg, jpeg, png, gif. but I am unsure if it would work by adding a new extension that is not an image format such as pdf, ppt, doc, etc.