Plugin Bulk Loader and API Question

Greetings Folks. Just got my VPS hosting up and running through Joe at AECNU. Kudos for prompt installation and set-up of Multisite, not to mention excellent bang for the buck on the resources offered in his packages. Sweet.

A few questions if I may.

1. Do I need more than one API for each domain that I run WP on, or just one for the bunch?

2. I realize no one would ever want to run everything, but is there any type of bulk loader for the whole kit and caboodle? I mean their not hurting anything by sitting there unactivated, right??? :slight_smile:

Found the WPMU DEV Dashboard, so "never mind on this."

3. Is there any preferred, logical order when installing multiple plugins, or just have at it?

Any words of wisdom to help allay my fears of biting off more than I can chew? lol.

Any guidance based upon your own dreadful experiences would preclude the necessity of my having to up my meds.

TIA. Cheers. - Frank