Plugin Configuration: I would use Experts only, creating single pages for experts

Hi there,
I'm trying to implement an "expert" section on my website.
I want to create a page where I will list all the experts. Can I call this page with a custom name or will it be "Experts" necessarily?
For this purpose I suppose that shortcode: [jbp-expert-archive-page] will be a good solution.

Then, I want to create single expert pages.
On a new page I will use the shortcode.
[jbp-expert-single-page id="1"] and now I'm going crazy!
Where I can find the ID of the experts I've created?
if I go to Experts -> manage experts, there a list of the experts I've created....but no ID!
help me please!

Another issue:
When I use shortcode [jbp-expert-archive-page]
it correctly appears on the page the experts list. If I click on the expert name I get I'm redirected to a 500 server error:

500 Server Error

A misconfiguration on the server caused a hiccup. Check the server logs, fix the problem, then try again.

how's it possible if the expert profile has been already created?
In my intentions, if I click on the expert name from expert archive list, I want to be redirected to the expert single page.

Last, but not least:
I really enjoy the potentiality of this plugin but let me tell that I'm struggling to configure it. The lack of examples (even with some CSS or shortcodes usage) is frustrating and the poorness of instructions for this plugin creates difficulties to basic developers like me.
I manage a lot of plugins in my website and this is the first time I'm encountering so much difficulties. I hope this will be seen as positive criticism to motivate your team to improve the "user guide" section of this plugin.