Plugin conflict between Classifieds and WPJobBoard

Hi there,

I'm currently helping develop a Buddypress community that requires both a job board and a classifieds area.

Obviously, the WPMU Dev Classifieds plugin was an easy choice. As for the job board, the client had already purchased "WP JobBoard" ( prior to my agency taking over the job. Unfortunately it seems that the Classifieds plugin is overwriting the job board page.

While I have confirmed that other job board plugins work fine, I'd like to see if I can get this one to work given that it wasn't a free plugin. We contacted the developer and here's what he said:

"i am not sure it depends on Classifieds, ie. how they replace the page with their content.

I do not really like to send users for help elsewhere since it's rearly turns to be helpful, but this time it seems the best solution would be to ask at Classifieds support why is this happening.

WPJobBoard is using the_content filter to replace [wpjobboard-jobs] or [wpjobboard-resumes] tags with job board content (you can send them this information)."

Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?


  • DavidM
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    Hi jtyarks and first off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Classifieds shouldn't have any issues with those shortcodes or other shortcodes for that matter. Have you narrowed down the conflict to Classifieds and that plugin?

    Have you tried using just those two plugins and with Twenty Eleven theme to see if the conflict still exists?

    I'll tag one of the developers here in case he's able to notice any reason for a conflict. Any chance we could get a link to the site to see how it's all working thus far?


  • jtyarks
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    Hi David,

    Many thanks for the welcome!

    Today I created two test sites – one WordPress, one BuddyPress – with just the Classifieds and WPJobBoards plugins. (The actual site is in a closed environment at the moment so I unfortunately can't link to it.)


    It does seem that they're playing nice so I'll delve further, speak with the developer in charge of this project, and post an update when I have more info.

    Cheers and thanks again,


  • jtyarks
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    Update: Well, I got it to work, but only after modifying the URL from "jobs" to "job-board."

    Given that the theme is a child of the bp-default, I'm not quite sure where the problem came from. I attempted to:

    • Reset permalinks
    • Give the Jobs page a custom template
    • Go back to BP-Default

    Perhaps it's a conflict with another plugin we're using? I can't quite be sure. I did notice that whatever was writing to the page was creating HTML5 tags (see attachment), which is definitely not correct given that this site isn't using HTML5.

    Nonetheless, if anyone else has this problem, try to go into WP Job Board's configuration settings ( and modify the Job Board URL.

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