Plugin conflict between Classifieds and WPJobBoard

Hi there,

I’m currently helping develop a Buddypress community that requires both a job board and a classifieds area.

Obviously, the WPMU Dev Classifieds plugin was an easy choice. As for the job board, the client had already purchased “WP JobBoard” ( prior to my agency taking over the job. Unfortunately it seems that the Classifieds plugin is overwriting the job board page.

While I have confirmed that other job board plugins work fine, I’d like to see if I can get this one to work given that it wasn’t a free plugin. We contacted the developer and here’s what he said:

“i am not sure it depends on Classifieds, ie. how they replace the page with their content.

I do not really like to send users for help elsewhere since it’s rearly turns to be helpful, but this time it seems the best solution would be to ask at Classifieds support why is this happening.

WPJobBoard is using the_content filter to replace [wpjobboard-jobs] or [wpjobboard-resumes] tags with job board content (you can send them this information).”

Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?