plugin conflict - Membership Premium and Tribe's Events Calendar Pro

I was on a chat with @Arnold and he asked that I create a forum thread, as he was having to get off the chat soon. I'm hitting publish on this so I can share the link before his chat ends... I'll reply ASAP with the details of the problem.

  • Tony Banovich

    I went over some of this with Arnold in a chat that ended before my problem was resolved (has yet to be resolved), but to recap:

    The Membership Premium plugin seems to be conflicting with The Events Calendar Pro by Modern Tribe Inc.

    When the Membership Premium is activated, it causes all paragraph breaks in single event posts to disappear.

    I did the typical deactivating of all plugins and reactivating one at a time until the problem re-appears.

    It seems that once I turned off Membership Premium, my paragraph breaks re-appeared in a single event post. But once I re-activated Membership Premium, those paragraph breaks disappeared.

    Switching to Twenty Thirteen theme also didn't help.

    Arnold said: "That would take some looking at the page source with and without membership running. If the page source is the same then it's probably so CSS which could be adjusted. If the page output is different then it would take hacking into the code to find the conflict."

    Comparing the page source revealed this on the post WITH the plugin:

    <li id="wp-admin-bar-membershipuselevel" class="menupop membership-view-site-as"><div class="ab-item ab-empty-item"  aria-haspopup="true" title="Select a level to view your site as">View site as : Membership Admin</div><div class="ab-sub-wrapper"><ul id="wp-admin-bar-membershipuselevel-default" class="ab-submenu">
    		<li id="wp-admin-bar-membershipuselevel-1"><a class="ab-item"  href="">Public</a>		</li>
    		<li id="wp-admin-bar-membershipuselevel-2"><a class="ab-item"  href="">RWM Member</a>		</li>
    		<li id="wp-admin-bar-membershipuselevel-3"><a class="ab-item"  href="">Expired Membership</a>		</li>
    		<li id="wp-admin-bar-membershipuselevel-4"><a class="ab-item"  href="">website admin</a>		</li></ul></div>		</li></ul>			</div>

    Arnold said that the above code wasn't anything to worry about (I can't exactly remember what he said - but I believe that was the gist of it.)

    And also, I could see that the <p> and </p> were absent on the source code page for when the plugin was activated.

    I turned on the following plugins one at a time and they didn't seem to cause the conflict. But for record, currently the other active plugins on this site are:

    *Canvas Addons
    *Export User Data
    *Google Webfonts For Woo Framework
    *Gravity Forms
    *Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types
    *Gravity Forms Directory & Addons (I may be deleting this - may not need)
    *Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On
    *Login Redirect
    *Logout Redirect
    *Membership Premium
    *Testimonials by Aihrus
    *Types - Complete Solution for Custom Fields and Types
    *User Role Editor
    *W3 Total Cache

    *Social Sharing Buttons By AddShoppers
    *The Events Calendar
    *The Events Calendar Pro
    *WooCommerce - Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons
    *WooCommerce AIM Gateway
    *WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing
    *WooCommerce Product Archive Customiser

  • Tony Banovich

    Regardless of whether or not Membership is activated, I don't see the < p > tags when I look at the text in Text mode.

    Yet, the same event post is still displaying paragraph breaks, or not, depending on whether Membership is activated.

    And I don't whether this will help to know, but... I just discovered that trying to manually type in new paragraphs into a new event post - which look fine in the text editor - just look smooshed together when previewed. So the problem is not just a copy/paste issue, it seems?

  • Tony Banovich

    Hi Arnold,

    When I gave you that support access yesterday, by chance did you do anything maybe related to troubleshooting that would have caused most of the site's images to not display in Firefox, and like all of the images to not display in IE and Chrome? I noticed this happened sometime yesterday evening around the time I also gave you that access. Maybe just a coincidence. But at any rate, I'm just trying to isolate where this problem came from so I'm reaching out to anyone who had access to the site yesterday. Thanks!

  • Arnold

    I can't imagine what it might be. I just needed tobe able to look at settings, but I didn't change anything. I just took a look at your site and the image links are there but the are returning permission errors.



    Error 403 - Forbidden

    You don't have permission to access the requested resource. Please contact the web site owner for further assistance.

    Which is a server error.

  • Arnold

    Hi ,

    I have a temp fix. The problem comes from the way your events are stored. Events are not stored with the < p > tags. They depend on the line feeds characters in the text and a filter called wpautop to add them for final display. Your event content is being inserted in another pages content and this is confusing things.

    For a temporary fix you can edit the file in the membership plugin called "membershippublic.php". At about line 1808 is a line.

    remove_filter( 'the_content', 'wpautop' );

    just comment it out with a pair of slashes

    //remove_filter( 'the_content', 'wpautop' );

    Not a permanent fix because when you update the plugin this will get erased. I've informed the developer and he should be able to install a permanent fix.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey @Eva

    Our developer is reassessing this right now, but we don't have access to the Tribe's Events Calendar Pro. I emailed them to request a membership swap so we could test but haven't heard back as of yet.

    I wonder if it's possible for you to send us in the copy you have, it's only investigating and testing further. If you could please email a copy to contact [at] and mark to my attension that would be awesome.

    Take care.

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