Plugin Conflict - URL uses ISO Latin-1 instead of '&' character

I'm having a conflict between two non-WPMUDEV plugins. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Here are the plugins:

- Tips & Tricks HQ's eStore
- iThemes Security

When iThemes Security is activated, it changes the eStore's checkout URL from:


Any suggestions on how to solve this would be greatly appreciated I will contact the developers, but it will take them a long time. I thought there might be a quick answer here.


  • Chris

    Hi Jude,

    Thanks for your suggestions. I tried url encode and %26 ... encoding actually produced %26 in the URL. Maybe I did it incorrectly as both failed. It must be & for string to work. Otherwise, the plugin returns an error.

    Here is the code that is getting altered. I have highlighted the line with the & that is getting converted. I've tried to insert '&' via a variable, but that didn't work.

    function wp_pg_submit_to_pppro()
    $wp_pg_bundle_config = WP_Payment_Gateway_Bundle_Config::getInstance();
    $url = $wp_pg_bundle_config->getValue('wp_pg_form_processing_url');
    echo 'You did not specify a value in the "Form Processing Page URL" field of the Payment Gateway Bundle plugin settings menu. Please fill out that field.';
    $redirect_page = $url.$separator.'wp_pg_gateway=pppro';
    if(isset($_REQUEST['is_eStore_co']) && $_REQUEST['is_eStore_co']=='1'){
    $redirect_page = $redirect_page.'&is_eStore_co=1'; // LOOK IN THIS LINE HERE
    //Send to the order processing page

    Help please! :slight_smile: Could you provide an example of url encode for the code above?

  • Chris

    This was a difficult problem that it seems many people have. No matter how many ways I changed the code, it was always filtered by WP when iThemes Security was turned on. It took several hours of searching to finally find an answer. It may be a bit hackish, according to the author, but I'll happily take it for now and move on.

    Solution: Add the following code to functions.php

    add_filter('clean_url', 'so_handle_038', 99, 3);
    function so_handle_038($url, $original_url, $_context) {
        if (strstr($url, "yourdomain.come") !== false) {
            $url = str_replace("&", "&", $url); // or $url = $original_url
        return $url;


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