plugin CoursePress Pro and Theme Impreza

Colleges, welcome all,
Everyone has their own Interest, my interests in CoursePress. Help me please. I have previously tried unsuccessfully to reconcile CoursePress and theme Zerif-lite. All ended with the fact that on this theme I refused. Now I try to combine CoursePress Pro with Impreza theme. This theme I put on my blog ( and want to place courses ( Everything works, everything is beautiful, but the page still require editing. And how to edit them I do not understand.

CoursePress created their pages: Course List; My Courses; My Profile; CoursePress Login; CoursePress Signup, but the Header Menu theme does not see them. I had to create with the aid UpSolution Header Builder additional menu in the header, now these pages are visible to external users, and not just me. But the edit I still can not.

I suppose that if I take CoursePress page template will create on its basis a template and using the Visual Composer apply this template to CoursePress pages. But I believe that this is such a difficult task (to me) that I decided to ask for advice. Maybe there is a way for simpler?

If someone finds an interesting problem and suggest how to approach her, I will be very grateful.

With respect