Plugin doesn't copy images in the Advanced Custom Fields

Multisite Content Copier: It all works fine, except for the images in the Advanced Custom Fields. The plugin doesn't copy that data into the repeater fields and other fields. Followed the steps here mention here
But not worked

  • Lindeni Mahlalela
    • Recruit

    Hello Red Melon,

    I hope you are doing great today and thank you for contacting us. I am truly sorry about the inconveniences you are having. I went through the conversation you had in live support and also went through the post you have linked to.

    First let me quote from my colleague Ignacio's post:

    ACF is difficult to integrate. Due to the way ACF waves the data in database is impossible to know what fields are images so you'll need some custom coding for every image field in ACF.

    This is true not only for images but for all custom post types/fields created by the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, Ignacio created the plugin specific to the 'featured_image' custom field for that particular user's instance, it may be different for you and that plugin may not work.

    In your case, you should try to modify the plugin he created and then also upload the modified Multisite Content Copier plugin from that post. It is difficult to suggest how to modify the plugin because we do not know what you call your custom fields, maybe if we can have a look at your dashboard we will be able to suggest something, but I cannot promise anything as yet due to the limitations of the support forums and that we don't know anything about your specific setup.

    Would you please Grant Support Access to your site so that we can have a look at your setup and maybe we will be able to suggest something solid specific to your case.

    Enjoy the rest of your day.


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