Plugin Enhancement Question


Can adding links and other basic html via the event description box be made EASY? This is a nice plugin but it's only useful when used in conjunction with ones event management program and linking to that event management program should be super easy for users with little to know html knowledge.

So my question is can the description box include a menu for adding code similar to the one provided here for this comment box that lets you easily add "bold" "italic" and LINKS etc.

An alternate solution, that is even more IDEAL...would be Fields (like the date, time and location fields) that turn http addresses into links. That way the event creator would have the ability to tell people where to go for more information or to register for the event.

Hope you guys will consider doing this for now. I know there is talk of improving this plugin to include event management when time allows but perhaps this can be done now as a stop gap solution.


  • clm771

    Hi Masonjames, Thanks for responding although i wish it were with better news. I'll just have to deactivate this plugin because i really can't see me hiring someone to finish it. (seriously the description box doesn't even automatically turn urls into addresses. that's just flat out silly.)

    Anyways, I could see from the responses in the thread prior to this one that there were a number of others desiring improvements to this plugin but I hope enough others will chime to get this on the agenda.



  • Avi

    Hi Mason

    I guess I will chime in as well with things I think our communities users would like.

    advance apologies if any the following is already available and I manged to miss it.

    - A master list of events page that aggregates all events onto to one page.
    - Ability to automatically create the an new forum topic for the event and/or link to an existing topic.
    - Event rss feed/s
    - Ability to include event images or attachments. Great for things like pdf reg forms.
    - extend widgets so that they can also include event descriptions or a pull some event text.
    - ability to add tags
    - ability to add categories
    - ability to set it so that new events need to be approved before displaying.
    - some sort of text editing support - bbcode/tmice.
    - set event recurrences
    - ability to export event to ical
    - RVSP: yes, no, maybe
    - registration options - might nice at part of this to allow for paid reg set up. Maybe tied into another one of your plugins.
    - Include to do list option.
    - advanced activity stream settings for example - update to activity stream when people register.

    those are off the top of my head after playing with things just a little. oh and the list isn't in any sort of order.

  • mxlpct

    Can the reply/comment area that forms in for each created event be added to ,

    or at least a comment bar?

    Is this something that I would be able to simply add myself in the editor? If so, how would i go about doing this? I'm pretty new to this, so any help would be appreciated.