Plugin Feature Request


I just finished a long conversation with one of your techs and he reccomended I submit a feature request as we’ve discovered that not only does WPMUdev plugins not provide the below workflow, but we were unable to find a plugin that does. And we both agree that the feature is probably a desired one by many.

Feature request.

Potentially integrate with Hustler Pro.

The desire is that when an email is captured by an optin form (say Hustler Pro) that it sends it to the integrated mail client (ie. Getresponse), but it also creates a WordPress User account for the individual. As it stands there seems no way to do both with one form. This means that the webmaster must choose to either have the user sign up for an acount or capture email for Newsletter..and in the end is forced to add to the other through a manual workflow.

It would be great if you could incorporate this and I believe it would be another great plugin feature to continue to set your great team apart!

Thanks Shane