Plugin "find and replace" suggested in M2 Pro


I would like to raise an attention to you that the plugin you suggested in M2 Pro page was causing an error.

"Find and replace" to replace the shortcode we used in M1 to a new one in M2.

For example, I used [protected] and [/protected] in M1. Now I want to change [protected] to [ms-protect-content id="16459,16481,16482,16488,16489"] and [/protected] to [/ms-protect-content] for M2.

Unfortunately this plugin will not change the thing you want, instead it will change them to

See appeared after id= will cause M2 not working probably.

I suggest to use "text replace" ( instead to make this worked probably.

I think probably you will wish to know that...because you suggested to use "find and replace".