Plugin for admin to reset password and resend user login details?

Is there a plugin that allows admin users to reset a user’s password and send them a new welcome email with their login details? Or… to send the user a welcome email that says “click here to set your password”? i.e.: effectively the lost password link but with a welcome message instead?

I have searched and searched but can’t find anything.

More detail:

I have a private buddypress / multi-site install also running Membership to protect certain areas.

Because the site is private we add users manually into WordPress. If we have the activation link sent automatically then we have to wait for them to activate before we can add them to a Membership subscription.

If we disable the sending of their activation email then we can add them immediately to the Membership Subscription but somehow need to be able to send them their login details or a link to create a new password.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.