Plugin for Creating Web Based Wizards & Decision Trees

Are there any tools or plugins that allow you to create configurable web experiences in WordPress that are based on logic/responses to questions. In reading up on this, there are only PHP solutions and they require programming logic. In other cases, they require significant investment in Enterprise Level applications in the CRM software industry.

Some use cases are:

1) Presenting a survey of questions of Yes/No answers then calculating a score at the end of the survey.

2) Presenting questions that follow a decision tree of logic and workflow to present an answer.

Some examples are attached:


Logitech’s Interactive Troubleshooter:

Intel Graphic Troubleshooting Wizard:

I was thinking of just using Survey Monkey or a paid service tool in the interim but I would like something that can calculate scores based on questions, and follow decision logic based on answers to questions.

Any help would be appreciated.