Plugin for Offering Support to Users


I’m on the hunt for a plugin that will allow me to setup a support system/manage task requests for my users.

I likely am asking for too much, and understand I might be looking more at a custom development, but wanted to survey you wise WordPress users!

I’ve seen a few ticketing systems, but I’m trying to find something a bit more comprehensive, a system that let’s me add notes/critical data about a user, like website, e-mail, details i need from them, setup tickets/task items, have a front end for user to submit requests, but also be capable for me to enter these details and track them on my own, not involving a user.

These systems are typically built to support one thing, one service or product, I’d like this system to revolve more around the individual, they may have purchased one service from me, or ongoing monthly support, or I may just be tracking a task for someone, and be able to see this.

A hybrid CRM/Support Desk. Anyone? I’m already familiar with Zendesk.