Plugin for Share count

Hi, I am looking for a plugin that gives the share count for the most popular social media services out there: Facebook, Twitter, G+, & Linkedin.

A few plugins say they do that but effectively all they do is show social share buttons of the type that includes counter in them. That is not what we’re looking for.

What we want is a plugin that gives us shortcodes/functions to be able to render the share count for each post / service in our own style.

So let’s say we have a post

What we’d like to be able to do is:

<div>F: <?php function_facebook_count() ?></div>

There are a few sites that already do this. Here’s for example The NExt Web.

We have also found this github project: but are trying to see if there’s something in the WP Plugin marketplace that could be a bit more straightforward to use.