Plugin for sharing content on different sites

Hi there,

I think I have bought the wrong plug-in. I was aiming to for “Multi Domains”, but I am not even sure if this is what I need.
Let me explain the full spec first

We have created a website for a client (, most of which is HTML, apart from the events section which is a WordPress blog installed in a sub-directory

He now wants a second site (Philosophy of Physics, proposed URL: The site should have similar structure and content (html pages + WordPress blog) and he wants to be able to post blog article to both sites at the same time.

I have created a WordPress Multisite Network and a second blog for the philosophy of physics (

Is there a plug-in (“Multi Domains”?) that will display all the content from the philosophy of cosmology site apart from the template?
Also, can I point a new domain name (for example to the new folder (

If you could please let me know

Many thanks