Plugin idea: Pro Sites Benefits

Hello everyone! :smiley:

Pro Sites is awesome to control a website's output of allowed plugins, ads, themes and so much more!

But that's only limited to the site in question!

What if, the user whom has purchased a subscription... also gets benefits for the time Pro Site runs throughout the whole network?

For example, these features:
1. Purchase ad free level -> No ads on other sites (when logged in)
2. Get 2 points a day each day your subscription runs (like the system this site's using for comments and helpful content)
3. Get a lifetime theme to use.
4. Unlock extra content to view, e.g.: [prolevel3]You're awesome![/prolevel3]
5. Each point saved will add extra upload space in MB to a blog.
6. Unlock special images/badges to use in comments (that's sooo 2004!)
7. etc.

These idea's are merely examples but you get the point ^^,

Got (much better) idea's? Leave them here!

I'll program it in the near future free for everyone to use :slight_smile:

How it will basically work:
a. The user who purchases/upgrades a Pro Site will get the benefits.
b. This user will retain some of the benefits, even after the subscription ends.

I already have a class made where a lot is called, you can take a look at it here:
The only problem with this class is the user capability, switchtoblog functions don't fetch well before theme setup.

So if you have idea's for something like this, name it!