Plugin incompatibility with an other 'affiliate' plugin


I am trying to use the wpmudev affiliates plugin on my WP network but it fails due to some incompatibilities with the plugin 'affiliate' by Ithinks ( wich I cannot delete because it is already used by some subsites of my WP network.

Here are the incompatibility points I noticed:

1) wpmudev affiliates plugin cannot be installed in a folder not named 'affiliate'. In fact when I tried to install it in a folder named 'wpmudev-affiliate' (instead of 'affiliate'), I saw that some js script or image files are still called (and then not found) in the 'affiliate' folder.
For instance these 3 files:

Would it be possible not to hard code the path of the called resources so that it could be relative to the effective installation folder ?

2) the name of the main class (the 'Affiliate' class) is a bit to generic and provokes a fatal error because of an already existing call with the same name.
Would it be possible to use a less generic name for the class ? (eg: 'wpmudev-affiliate')

Thanks in advance for considering this requests.