Plugin Inspector & WPMUDEV Plugins

Hi there,
Just have few concerns with these plugins listed below, i was doing a test with Plugin Inspector which i found in one of your blog post earlier today. Please see and it appears that there are a lot of Deprecated functions etc. Can someone please take a close look at these functions and let me know when will i expect an update of these plugins, if they can cause harm etc... Please install the inspector plugin and see the results.

Ps. I trust WPMUDEV plugins, so if you think these won't cause any problem, feel free to let me know.
1. Affiliates
2. Automessage
3. Domain Mapping
4. MailChimp Sync
5. HTML Email Templates
6. Ultimate Branding
7. Support System
8. SmartCrawl
9. Pro Sites
10. Pretty Plugins
11. Multisite Theme Manager

Thanks in advanced.