Plugin install gives Parseerror 200

When I tried to activate WPMUDEV plugins over WPMUDEV Dashboard plugin after they are installed I am getting an error notification at the top of the page - "Server error status: parseerror [200]". Please note that the plugin installs successfully but there is an error message.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey Chris,

    I had a look at your installation and noticed that you have quite a few security plugins installed there.
    This also seems to be preventing us from using support access so it's quite possible that's the issue with plugin installations as well.

    Can you perform a plugin conflict test by disabling all your plugins and see if installations are working properly after that.
    That would help us with pinpointing the cause and we can then debug it further from there.

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Chris!

    The "conflict test" basically means disabling all the plugins and switching the site - temporarily - to one of the "default" themes (Twenty Seventeen preferably) and then trying to replicate the issue. If the issue is related to some specific plugin, you would turn off all plugins except this one.

    In this case however - as it's about plugin installation - you would want to disable all of them (and switch the theme). Then try installing a plugin. If it doesn't work, we know that it's not a matter of conflict so we'll investigate other possible causes. Of course you can turn back all the necessary plugins back at this point and switch the theme back to your current one - the site should get back to normal operation.

    If the issue doesn't occur and you can install plugins without errors while all the plugins are disabled and theme switched to default one - further steps are necessary:

    - switch theme back to your current one and check again
    - if you can still install plugins:
    - switch one plugin on and check again
    - if there's still no problem switch back on another one and check again
    - and so on... until the issue start to happen again.

    At this point you know which plugin is interfering here. Knowing this, we - or that plugin's developer - can focus on it and find the solution.

    Best regards,

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