Plugin Integration for point system with WPDEV

Hello everyone,

Wondering if anyone can help, really want to purchase after the free trial as loving all the features but I sorely need one feature i'm baffled with. What I want to do is create a reward system that can connect with WPDEV (like your own point system), however I've checked out marketpress as it was suggested that it would work with another point system called "mycred", for what ever reason, doesn't work, either old or outdated and doesn't give me the option in the store to exchange points for a gift item such as e.g gift card.

I'm now looking at Sumo reward points but i'm concened once i've purchased this additional addon for woocommerce that sumo won't work or it just won't all connect.

Just wondered if anyone can assist in suggesting another plugin?

  • Patrick

    Hi there Bridget Kelly

    Glad to hear you want to continue your membership with us!

    However, I just installed MyCred and their Gateway addon on both a test multisite with MarketPress network-activated, and a single site install. But I don't see any integration with current version of MarketPress on either install. So yes, I do believe MyCred is outdated.

    Also, I am a little confused as you have posted this topic under Membership2. There is no point system integration with Memebrship2 that I am aware of.

  • Bridget Kelly

    Many thanks for coming back to me about this, it's a shame about my cred being outdated but maybe if I drop them an email , they might update as would be awesome if the two connected.

    The reason why I posted it under membership2 is that I was also wondering if there was a point system that could either connect in with membership2 like the point system that you have on this site.

    Much appreciated for the support though on this, one thing down and many more to go :slight_smile:

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