Plugin is creating accounts without a slash before the folder name

Been struggling with this one for a bit, figured I would ask for a little help.

When I sign up for an account on my site, say i use the domain, it creates the account, but it incorrectly creates the url. It shows up in the admin panel as mywpmusite.comtest. Note there is no slash before the word test in the url. So I have to manually edit that from the network admin dashboard before i can access it. I have been digging around all of my settings looking for a missing trailing slash somewhere, but I can't find it.

Any ideas?

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  • russell_hurren


    I'm having the same problem. My site setup is fairly complicated though.

    I'm running Wordpress Multisite with the Networks for WordPress plugin, on an Amazon Elastic Beanstalk.

    The Elastic Beanstalk doesn't have a static IP because it uses a load balancer. Amazon DNS takes care of pointing my domain to the site using an Alias A record.

    I'm using the WMPU Domain mapping plugin.
    My Multisite configuration uses subfolders, not subdomains.

    My primary site is
    I have sites like with a mapped domain pointing to

    I have a network called, and another called These networks both have WHMCS MU Provisioning plugin Network Activated.

    My WHMCS setup is on a different server, at

    I'm testing by creating an order in WHMCS, and first I get an error saying:
    Order Accept Encountered Problems
    No matching admin user found

    A new user is created, and a new site is created (but on the network, not the network). The site is given a name like

    In my WHMCS Servers config, I have the hostname set as
    In the products/services -> Other config I have the subdomain set to

    I think I've followed the instructions, except I've left out the static IP address where it was specified, as I'm not using a static IP.

    I expect the site being created in the wrong network is due to the plugin not being aware of the Networks for Wordpress plugin (which is understandable). Is this likely to be the cause of the missing /?

    Is there somewhere I can add custom code that will be executed after the site is provisioned? It looks fairly easy to move a site between networks.

    Kind regards


  • russell_hurren

    I solved my multi-network problem with another dirty hack (It's almost 2am, and it's over 29 degrees celcius, so I don't have high expectations of my coding skills).

    I just added in a case statement and a site_id to the wpmu_create blog bit (3 & 5 are the only ones I'm using with WHMCS)

    switch ($current_site->domain) {
    case "":
    case "":
    $id = wpmu_create_blog( $newdomain, '/' . $path, $title, $user_id , array( 'public' => 1 ), $site_id );

  • aecnu

    Greetings russell_hurren and Atarian,

    Sorry to see that you were having this issue and thank you for the coding submission and in addition for posting it for other members to benefit from.

    Some rep points sent your way!

    I will go ahead and bring this coding and issue to the lead developers attention.

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