Plugin is not saving data changes nor following form requests

Hi, I recently started playing with the WHMCS WP Integration Plugin and little by little I'm getting it to work yet I have come to a problem I can't seem to get around of.

The plugin is displaying the information correctly wherever I need it but when I try to make a change on costumer details or even process an order the plugin does not either save the information nor follows to the next step in the form.

  • nordov
    • New Recruit

    A quick update: I was using as a template in WHMCS a copy of Portal as I was planning on doing a few tweaks on it. I changed it back to Portal and it is now saving the changes to details on existing costumers.

    Sadly, it is still not processing orders. I just noticed that after selecting the plan and then entering the domain a little progress bars first appears and then disappears leaving a -1. Can't tell yet what is returning that -1. FYI, the order process works without problems if I run it directly from the WHMCS site.

  • nordov
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    So far I have found out that the nice cart options are the ones with trouble. Perhaps the AJAX or jQuery is not behaving properly with the encoded URLs?

    The simplest carts such as boxes work ok. That sucks; any suggestions on how to get around this?

  • nordov
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    Sorry it took me some time to try this. Anyways I just did and it gets further indeed but then, WHMCS Integration Errors pop up:

    "WHMCS Integration: A valid URL was not provided."
    "WHMCS Integration: Too many redirections"

    The error that shows is different depending on the cart type I select. Still gotta stick to boxes :slight_frown:

  • aecnu
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    Greetings nordov,

    Thank you for your additional feedback, it is certainly appreciated.

    It appears that the lead developer of the WHMCS WP Integration plugin is indeed working with you on this ticket and hopefully he will be back in here soon.

    Of course it being the weekend, staff commitments to support are much lower if at all and therefore we may not see him back in on this issue until the beginning of the week.

    I will indeed alert him that you have responded to his original attempt to help.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Arnold
    • El Macho WP

    The plugin makes a small patch to the wp-includes/class-http.php file to helphandle the redirection. Make sure you have the latest plugin, an dmake sure you have WP 3.4.1 running and try it. If it still fails look for the string WHMCS in the class-http.php file. If you can;t find it thenyou'll need to det the file so that it's writable. Also make sure the plugins/whmcs-wordpresss-integration/cache directory is writeable. If it's not you'll have problems logging in and getting ajax and javascript to work correctly.

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