plugin issue – protect content plugin

I am getting an error.

Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty in /home/buddymar/public_html/brighttrackpainting/wp/wp-content/plugins/protected-content/app/model/class-ms-model-rule.php on line 493

I have protected two categories of posts. I am trying to make a list of those posts show up in a sidebar. One membership would see List A, and the other membership would see List A and List B.

I am using “W4 Post List” to create List A and List B. I believe there is a conflict. I have also tried a method of setting up a Custom Menu that created menu items which were the names of the post. I got the same error as above.

I don’t really care which plugin I use to make the List A and List B, I just need a way to make different lists of post names appear depending on which Membership a person has.

Can you help?