Plugin issue - too many emails

Hi there,

I recently purchased the 'Subscribe by Email' plugin, which is great so far.
One big issue, is that when the emails are due to be sent (I've set them to weekly) - I get WAAAAAAY more many emails than I have posts.

For example, the weekly run was for Monday morning (I added in a few posts the week prior), and I received 40 emails. I only have 5 posts on my site, as it's still being built.

So it runs on time, as per the schedule etc. - just with too many emails. I'm a little scared now to launch my site with people subscribing to my newsletter, as the plugin will surely over spam them!

My guess, is that it's queue'ing the posts up every time I edit/update the post (just my hunch).

So... I was hoping someone could shed some light into this for me, or otherwise help to fix it.

I'm also not sure where to look for plugin issues / updates, as the plugin is not on the site (obviously!). As on the area - you can see the reviews & issues for the plugins, was hoping something like this also existed for WMPU plugins...?

Thanks for you assistance.