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I'm looking into options regarding plugin management under WordPress 3.0 MultiSite. I've seen Plugin Commander, which appears to be updated to WordPress 3.0 but I understand it doesn't work with the regular Plugins page in WordPress. I'd like to make the addition of plugin management as transparent to my users as possible, so I'm shying away from that.

WPMU Plugin Manager, once hosted on wpmudev, seems perfect ...

... but unfortunately the plugin appears to have disappeared into the ether. Is it coming back? What's the next best option (I'm guessing the answer is Plugin Commander)


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    OK I guess this is a reasonable thread to stick this into.

    We are looking for the ability to have plugins activated and functioning on network sites but not give access to their settings and such to the admins of those sites.

    The reason here is that we are building clone sites off of a master for our client's affiliates and want the functionality set in stone as per the super admin. We would like them to be able to go in and add blog posts and edit certain specified pages (like the "About Us" page), but we would prefer for them not to be able to go in and muck around with settings and adding/removing plugins. That could open a big can of worms for us to have to slap their hands and clean up their messes.

    We hope to be able to do this without having to use a payment functionality in WPMU because the sites are sold as a part of a business package that includes other services both online and offline. The billing is handled outside of Wordpress.

    Any ideas?

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    check out this thread the two plugins there might help.


    Found this thread looking for MP Plugin Manager. Using Supporter but I am sure the MP Plugin Manager had the option of activating/deactivating a certain plugin site wide with one single click, which supporter can't do.
    Any chance of getting this in Supporter or a fixed version of your plugin?

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